Artist Bio

Born in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, educated in Malaysia and the United Kingdom and having previously worked in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore, Jaen is now living and working in London. 

Jaen, a law graduate, is a self- taught artist who expresses her state of mind and emotion through her pieces. Acrylic is her medium of choice. Bold colours, precise compositions, intense force of energy are the signature of Jaen's pieces. 

Jaen's inspiration comes from her inner alter- ego expressing emotions of anger, love, joy, confusion, angst and the list continues. She never allow the "should" and "should not" rules of art to sway her from what she truly feels, sees and paints. 

Jaen's art is an extension of her, a personal response through her eyes, her interpretation of the images she sees. To know the end before it begins may just take away a part of her creative soul. 

Jaen is a passionate woman with very independent thoughts, quirky perhaps to some. Spontaneous, impulsive, extrovert are some of the words  you would use to describe her.